Modern History One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

341 .Lord William Bentinck was the governor general during the period




342 .The first Satyagraha of Gandhiji for the cause of indigo farmers was observed at




343 .After the passage of Quit India resolution, Gandhiji was imprisoned in:

Answer:-Aga Palace



344 .Where did Mahatma Gandhi, for the first time, apply his technique of Satyagraha?

Answer:-South Africa



345 .In which year did Gandhiji set up the Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat?



346 .Who is associated with Kakori trial?

Answer:-Bhagat Singh



347 .Who was the first Indian to have been elected to the British Parliament?

Answer:-Dada Bhai Naoroji



348 .Who was responsible for making English the medium of education in order to simplify the execution of administrative duties of the British government in India?

Answer:-Lord Macaulay



349 .Who founded the All India Muslim League?

Answer:-Aga Khan



350 .Who was the last Nawab of Oudh?

Answer:-Wajid Ali Shah



351 .Which ruler of India sought Napoleon’s help in forcing the British out of India?

Answer:-Tipu Sultan



352 .Name the revolutionary from Bihar who participated in the meeting of Hindustan Socialist Republican Army in 1928:

Answer:-Fanindranath Ghosh



353 .Who was associated with the English weekly, titled ‘Vande Mataram’?

Answer:-Arvind Ghosh



354 .With which movement was Gandhi unassociated?

Answer:-Swadeshi Movement



355 .The Muhammedan Anglo-Oriental College later on became:

Answer:-Aligarh Muslim University



356 .Who has authored the book, titled ‘A Nation in the Making’?

Answer:-Surendranath Banerjee



357 .Mahatma Gandhi started his Dandi March from

Answer:-Sabarmati Ashram



358 .What correctly explains the ‘drain theory’ of Dadabhai Naoroji?

Answer:-A portion of India’s national wealth or total annual production which was exported to Britain without receiving any real return.



359 .The reason behind the revival of revolutionary activities in Indian politics during the period of 1923-28 was:

Answer:-Suspension of the Non Cooperation Movement by Gandhiji



360 .The objective of Poona Pact was to:

Answer:-give representation to the Dalit class

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