Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

276.Zayed season crops are – Watermelon

277.The highest producing state of mustard seed is- Rajasthan

278.200 cm in a sloping mountainous region of India. There is more annual rainfall than what crop can be cultivated there – Tea

279.Which Indian state is called a tea producing state – Assam, Kerala, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Sikkim

280.Whom does the cash crop go to in India – onion

281.Production of food grains in India as a percentage of total crop – 70 percent

282.Uttar Pradesh is the largest wheat producing state in India.

283.Who are the main competitors for the Indian jute industry – Bangladesh

284.What is India’s place in the world in milk production – First

285.During the period after which year there was a great increase in the production of food grains, especially wheat – 1966

286.Select high yielding varieties of seed crops developed under Green Revolution in India – Chavan, wheat, jowar, millet and maize

287.Another name for the Green Revolution in India is- the seed, fertilizer and irrigation revolution.

288.Which state of India is called the sugar bowl – Uttar Pradesh

289.The most important element of weather that affects agriculture in India is – rain.

290.Who is concerned with the White Revolution – with milk production

291.The Blue Revolution is related to – from fish production

292.BT seed is related to – cotton

293.Most of the irrigated area in India is cultivated- reed

294.In which area in India the most unirrigated cultivation is done – Deccan Plateau

295.Which district of Tamil Nadu is not cultivable due to salinity- Tiruchirapalli

296.Huge deposits of uranium have been found recently – in Karnataka

297.Tumalapalli has come on the world map in Andhra Pradesh for the discovery of – the largest uranium mines

298.Where is the largest stock of asbestos- in India

299.Who are the largest producers of lignite in India – Tamil Nadu

300.Diamond bars are found in- Panna, Madhya Pradesh.

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