Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

451.Desertification of the desert can be prevented – by making butterflies in the defense

452.In which part of Sahara Africa are situated – Northern

453.Lakes created by Aswan Dam in Africa- Nassar

454.The neighboring country of India with the lowest area is – Bhutan.

455.Which neighboring country of India is also known as Burma – Myanmar

456.Which country is considered to be the largest concrete structure in the world, in which country are the three gorges dam – China

457.Helgoland is the island of which country – Germany

458.Who is Dark continents – Africa

459.Which are the world’s largest islands – Greenland

460.What is the new name of the old ‘Smam’ region – Thailand

461.The world’s most humid continent – South America

462.Which is the largest country in Africa – Algeria

463.Which country is made up of the most islands – Indonesia

464.In which country black forests are found – in Germany

465.What is the cup or bowl shape of a volcano called a – crater

466.What is the point just below the earthquake center – earthquake origin

467.Richter scale is used to measure- earthquake intensity

468.A series of lines connecting the vibrating places at the same time is called the – cohesive lines.

469.What are the main causes of Tsunami- Earthquake at sea level

470.Reasons for Tsunamis – Earthquakes

471.What is the Cause of earthquake – Disturbance in the earth

472.What type of lake is formed by volcanic activity- Volcanic lake

473.Soil with abundant calcium is called- Pedocal

474.By what name is the gray soil like ash of high-lat pine forest known as


475.Whose red color comes in red soil


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