Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

426.Oceans with large surface area – Pacific Ocean

427.What percentage of the world’s clean water is stored as glacial ice – 70 percent

428.Melting of glaciers is a common phenomenon associated with rising sea level. Glaciers are mostly found – in the South Pole.

429.In the ocean, where are the ‘nital creatures’ – at the bottom of the ocean

430.The deepest trench in the world is called ‘Mariana Khai’ – in the Pacific Ocean

431.The troposphere is the most heated part of the atmosphere because – it gets heated from the surface of the earth.

432.Where is the Azon layer – stratosphere

433.What are the imaginary lines that surround the earth parallel to the- horizon Latitude

434.The longitude distance for an interval of two hours will be equal to ……… 300

435.What is called the same length of day and night on 23 September in all the parts of the world – Autumn equinox

436.Which imaginary lines are located at 00 latitude- Equator

437.Which imaginary line divides the globe into two equal parts – equatorial line

438.What else call the subtropical high pressure tropics – Horse latitudes

439.Doldrums pressure zones lie between which two latitudes – 50 north to 50 south

440.Contours are hypothetical lines, indicating- areas of equal height

441.What do the equilateral lines represent- Pressure

442.Imaginary lines connecting places with the same temperature are called – stratum lines.

443.The science of map making is called- Cartography

444.The alignment of the beginning and end lines is expressed as- Justification

445.What are large-scale maps showing both natural and man-made forms – thematic maps

446.Who is called the roof of the world – Pamir plateau

447.Which line separates India from Pakistan – Radcliffe Line

448.Nepal shares its border with which country other than India- China

449.Countries to be separated by McMahon Rekha- China and India

450.China has the longest border with which country – Mongolia

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