Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

376.The layer of atmosphere that reflects radio waves – ionosphere

377.What is the heat received by the sun from the earth – solar radiation

378.Trans Siberian Railway has terminals – St Petersburg and Bladivostak

379.Indian railway network’s position in the world is – fourth

380.The busiest oceans in terms of trade are – Atlantic Ocean

381.To whom does the Suez Canal connect – Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea

382.Pasture is called ‘Pampas’ – in South Africa

383.Which temperate grasslands in North America are known by ten names – Prairie

384.Tropical grass site is called – Savannah

385.The term ‘step’ is associated with which bio-field – grassland

386.Which country has the highest number of Muslims – Indonesia

387.What is called the reserve area for the welfare of wildlife – Abhay Forest

388.Which is an abiotic component of environment- water

389.What are the causes of greenhouse effect- carbon-dioxide

390.Causes of reduced forest cover- increasing population

391.What was the main objective of the Ramsar Conference- Conservation of wetlands

392.In a natural state, there is symmetry – of climate and natural vegetation.

393.Earth’s largest ecosystem – biosphere

394.Which ecosystem has the most biomass – forest ecology

395.For what reason there is a need to keep vast areas for forests – for ecological balance

396.Deforestation leads to rapid corrosion of soil, adverse effects on the flow of sub-surface water as well. These two factors affect the worst – ecosystem

397.Where is the sparse vegetation without virtual trees found- Tundra

398.How much area of the world’s land is tropical rain forest – 10 percent

399.Which has the highest rate of deforestation – Tropical Zone

400.Where are the forest of evergreen variety – equatorial region

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