Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

151.Kolkata is an example of which type of port- Rivers

152.Kolkata is an example of which type of port- River

153.Kolkata and Delhi are joined by- NH2

154.Integral Coach Factory – in Perambur (Chennai)

155.In which zone of India are the headquarters of two railway zones – Mumbai

156.Konkan Railway connects Roha- Mangalore

157.The number of deaths in the given period of macro- mortality

158.Number of persons belonging to the same caste who have come to the residence during the given time period – immigration

159.Birth rate measures- the number of births per 1000 population during a year

160.Which is the most densely populated state of India – Bihar

161.Name the state in which the mass density is least – Arunachal Pradesh

162.According to 2001 census, which state has maximum density of population – Delhi

163.According to Census 2011, who has recorded the highest density in the country – Delhi

164.In which decade was recorded the negative growth rate in India’s population – 1911-21

165.Which Union Territories are at the lowest of the boys / girls ratio- Chandigarh

166.Which state of India has recorded the highest rate of population growth in the last census (2001) – Nagaland

167.Which state of India has the highest percentage of poor- Odisha

168.According to the 2001 census, the average annual growth rate of the population during the period 1991-2001 is – 1.93 percent.

169.According to the latest estimates, the literacy rate in India is – 65 percent.

170.What are the major factors in accelerated growth of population in India – high birth rate and falling death rate

171.Who are the main responsible for the lack of female population in India – social reasons

172.According to the population figures announced in July 2011, there is a decrease in the infant sex ratio in rural areas as compared to urban areas – four times

173.Which state has the highest female literacy rate – Kerala

174.Kuki belongs to which state- Manipur

175.India’s largest tribal community is- the Gonds.

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