Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

401.The diversity of plant and animal species………… from the polar region towards the equator – increases

402.How Krishna land is defined – total fallow land + net sown land

403.Cotton fibers are commercially important – epidermal follicles of seeds

404.Which is the world’s largest coffee producing country – Brazil

405.‘IR-20’ is a high yielding variety – rice

406.Which country produces the most timber- United States

407.Where dromavshes and burn agriculture are known as ‘milpa’ – Mexico and Central America

408.……….. resources are those resources whose quantities are known – actual resources

409.Which country is the largest exporter of uranium for India in the year 2015-16 – Canada

410.The largest producer of gold in the world is – South Africa.

411.The resources that can be used repeatedly are called – renewable.

412.Atomic energy is a mineral-based energy source it is extracted from –uranium, thorium, plutonium.

413.Where are the major Southwest Asian oil fields located?- Persian Gulf Coast

414.Which is the largest producer of wool in the world – China

415.The main types of rainfall in humid equatorial climate are – Sustainable.

416.The Mediterranean Sea region is recognized due to the highest rainfall – in winter.

417.Site Sameer is a cold breeze that flows from the site towards …….- sea.

418.Sea water is more salty than rain water – because rivers carry salt from soil and put them in the sea.

419.Typhoons often arrive in the – seas of China and Japan.

420.Which state receives rainfall throughout the year – equatorial

421.Serious environment of Maldives is considered to be due to what is essentially underutilization – due to high population density, continuous soil erosion, industrial pollution of water and air.

422.What are the signs of sudden collapse in atmospheric pressure? – storm

423.Why clouds float in the atmosphere – due to their low density

424.Which instrument is used to measure humidity- Sling cyclometer

425.A form of condensation that reduces visibility and causes breathing problems – smoke-fog

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