Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

126.Where is Mumbai high oil field – continental shelf of Arabian Sea

127.Who currently produces the highest amount of crude petroleum in India – Offshore Mumbai High

128.The main iron and steel industries are located in which plateau – Chota Nagpur

129.What are the main sources of energy in India- Thermal

130.Bhilai Steel Plant has been set up with the help of- Russia

131.Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Limited is located in- Bhadravati

132.The Silicon Valley of India is located in- Bangalore.

133.Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh is famous for – Golden

134.The first port developed after independence was- Kandla

135.The highest dam in India, Bhakra is built on which river- Sutlej

136.The Tehri dam has been built on which river- Bhagirathi

137.Hydroelectric power contributes to the total electric power in India, about one- fifth

138.Which rivers get water from Indira Gandhi Canal – Sutlej

139.Vyas Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is built on which river- Krishna.

140.Sardar Sarovar Dam is on which river- Narmada

141.India’s longest dam – Hirakud Da

142.Salal hydropower project is in which state – Jammu Kashmir

143.Between which states is the quarrel of Mullaipieriyar Dam – Tamil Nadu and Kerala

144.There has been a chronic shortage of electricity in India, because- the demand for electricity has been increasing, while its production and distribution have not increased.

145.The Kishanganga Project is the main cause of dispute between India and whom- Pakistan

146.Energy produced commercially from coal is called- thermal energy.

147.Talcher is important for – Heavy Water Plant

148.Which sea port is closest to Rourkela Steel Plant- Paradip

149.Ports located on the eastern coast of India – Paradip and Haldia.

150.Where is the Kandla port (port) situated – the Gulf of Kutch

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