Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

201.The controversial coastal strip off the coast of Gujarat on which India and Pakistan are negotiating is named – Sir Creek.

202.Union Territory of Puducherry bordering with- Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala

203.Jojila Darra connects – Srinagar and Leh

204.Kullu valley is situated between which mountain ranges – Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal

205.Which states Palghat connects – Kerala and Tamil Nadu

206.Which is the easternmost peak of the Himalayas – Namchabarwa 206. India’s highest peak – K-2

207.Which are the oldest mountain ranges of India – Aravali

208.The vertical valley between the lower Himalayas and between which is known as Doon – Shivalik

209.By what name is the part of Himalayas situated between the Sutlej and Kali rivers – Kumaon Himalayas

210.Who is also called Sahyadri Pavart Mala – Western Ghats

211.Where does one go from any interval of the mountain providing natural route – Pass

212.Where are the Anaimudi peaks located- Sahyadri

213.Loktak lake, on which hydroelectric project was built, in which state are located – Manipur

214.Where are the Lonar lakes located- Maharashtra

215.Where are the Naga, Khasi and Garo hills – in Purvanchal ranges

216.Shivasamudram is a waterfall created by which river– Kaveri

217.Which state has the highest waterfall in India – Karnataka

218.On which river is the Jog waterfall located – Sharavati

219.In which state are the laterite soils found – Kerala and Maharashtra

220.How soil erosion can be controlled on mountain slopes – contour linear tillage

221.Which are the best soils for the production of cotton – Black slag soil

222.Another name in India of Loni and Alkaline Soil is- Kallar.

223.Petrology is the study of – rock

224.The driest part of India is –West Rajasthan

225.Due to southeastern commercial winds from the Indian sub-continent during the rainy season- due to low air pressure in northwest India

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