Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

101.Bagan produces agriculture

non-food crops.

102.Area of crops in India is

60 to 70 percent of the area of food grains

103.Which are the most abundant regions in jute production

West Bengal

104.Where is the maximum area of jute in India

West Bengal

105.The term Green Revolution has been used to indicate higher production

by increasing agricultural productivity per hectare.

106.Green Revolution was most successful

in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh

107.Green revolution is related to which crop


108.HYV program is also called ……… in India

New Agricultural Policy

109.Which state in India is called a rice bowl

Andhra Pradesh

110.Operation Flood is related to

Milk production

111.Approximately what percentage of India’s total population is employed in agriculture

60 percent

112.The yellow revolution in India is concerned with the production of


113.As far as the official classification of the Ministry of Agriculture is concerned, how many agricultural climatic zones are in India


114.Social forestry

growing and arranging useful plants on government owned land.

115.Which state is considered as the traditional area of tank irrigation- Tamil Nadu

116.Jaduguda is concerned with the mining of- uranium.

117.Recently, Tumalapalli of Andhra Pradesh has come in the world map for which most deposits – uranium deposit

118.The state of Kerala is most famous for which mineral- iron-ore

119.The main minerals found in the upper Brahmamutra valley are petroleum.

120.Raniganj in West Bengal is related to- coal fields.

121.Which state has the largest coal reserves – Jharkhand

122.Panna is a very important place in Madhya Pradesh, it is famous for the mining of – diamond

123.Which is the destination of iron-ore transported by pipeline from Kundermukh – Mangalore

124.What is Khetri famous for- Copper

125.The number of refineries operating in the state of Assam are- four.

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