Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

476.Soil erosion area remedies –

edge contour of contour area, land use regulation

477.What is called planting trees on a large scale to prevent soil erosion –

Shelter strip

478.………. is commonly defined as the large circulation of soil falling from rock, debris or slope –


479.What is called the sand dunes made by high speed of air –


480.Where are morenas formed –

Himani region

481.Substances brought by glaciers such as small large rocks, sand and sedimentary soils which are called glaciers ……..


482.Europe’s longest river-


483.The largest delta in the world –

Sundarban Delta

484.In which direction rivers flow in annular form –

like ring

485.The reason for widening of a river valley is –

lateral erosion.

486.When the river enters the plains, it starts flowing on the moddar route called… ..


487.One type of erosion caused by liquefaction is

flow water.

488.For whom is the word ‘Bada’ used

Masai shepherd’s house

489.What is the narrow water strip connecting two seas or reservoirs?


490.Which is the largest stream which is also called ‘black stream’ due to its black water

Curioso current

491.The land covered by the sea is called


492.Asia and North America are separated by

Bering Strait

493.Which streams are responsible for increasing the temperature of Western Europe

Gulf Stream

494.In which ocean is Sargasso sea located

Atlantic Ocean

495.In which continent are the great dividing ranges


496.What is Bridgemanite –

Name of the most abundant mineral found on earth

497.Which of the deserts in Arabia, Thar, Mongolia and Atacama is found in abundance in gold reserves


498.Where is the largest store of thorium


499.Which country is the largest producer of guava


500.Which country leads the production of cacao

Ivory Coast


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