( Best 400+ ) Advertising and Sales Promotion MCQ

by Mr. DJ

Advertising and Sales Promotion MCQ

Advertising and Sales Promotion MCQ

191. ______________ is direct communications with carefully targeted individual consumers to obtain an immediate response.

  1. Personal selling
  2. Public relations
  3. Direct marketing
  4. Sales promotion


Correct answer: (C) Direct marketing

192. The shift from ______________ has had a dramatic impact on marketing communications.

  1. Brand management to value management
  2. Media manipulation to media control
  3. Mass marketing to segmented marketing
  4. Mass marketing to global marketing


Correct answer: (C) Mass marketing to segmented marketing

193. If a company’s objective were to reach masses of buyers that were geographically dispersed at a low cost per exposure, the company would likely choose which of the following promotion forms?

  1. Advertising
  2. Personal selling
  3. Public relations
  4. Sales promotion


Correct answer: (A)  Advertising

194. A ______________ is a promotion strategy that calls for spending a lot on advertising and consumer promotion to build up consumer demand. If the strategy is Successful, consumer demand will move the product through the channel.

  1. Push strategy
  2. Pull strategy
  3. Blocking strategy
  4. Integrated strategy


Correct answer: (B) Pull strategy

195. All of the following are commonly recognized promotion budget formats EXCEPT:

  1. The affordable method.
  2. The LIFO method.
  3. The percentage-of-sales method.
  4. The objective-and-task method.


Correct answer: (B) The LIFO method.

196. A specialized institution which offers professionaisled advertising services to company is known as

  1. Advertising
  2. Message
  3. Media
  4. Ad agency


Correct answer: (D) Ad agency

197. The central theme of media planning is ______________

  1. Message dissemination
  2. Appeal
  3. Media scheduling
  4. Media scheduling


Correct answer: (A) Message dissemination

198. The large volume of advertising in a society is known as ______________

  1. Advertising clutter
  2. Advertising revolution
  3. Mass advertising
  4. Large scale advertising


Correct answer: (A) Advertising clutter

199. The strategy that encourages dealers and distributors to sell a product is known as

  1. Push
  2. Pull
  3. Combination
  4. Marketing


Correct answer: (A) Push

200. Publicity s simply defined as a ______________ advertisement

  1. Free
  2. Paid
  3. Local
  4. None of these


Correct answer: (A) Free

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