( Best 700+ )Medieval History One liner Question And Answer

by Mr. DJ

200 .Name the Commander of the Arab army who conquered theSindh.

Answer:- Muhammad bin Qasim



201 .Who was the Mughal Emperor who spent 15 years of his life inexile?

Answer:- Humayun


202 .With which kingdom was Chand Bibi, the first Muslim queen,related?

Answer:- Ahmadnagar


203 .Mughal rule in India was established after the Battle of:

Answer:- FirstBattle of Panipat


204 .Sultans of which dynasty had the longest rule?

Answer:-  Tugalaq dynasty


205 .During the Gupta period, land tax was known as:

Answer:- Udranga


206 .Who, among the Mughal princesses penned down ‘HumayunNamah’?

Answer:- Gulbadan Begum


207 .When Akbar had surrounded the Chittor fort, then who kept the fortsecure for four months?

Answer:- Jaimal


208 .Which place had the world’s first republican system in the 6th centuryB.C ?

Answer:- Vaishali


209 .In which period of Indian history were women were equal tomen?

Answer:- Gupta period


210 .The tomb of Tansen is situated in:

Answer:- Gwalior


211 .Who was the Maratha saint contemporary to Shivaji?

Answer:- SaintTukaram


212 .During the rule of which dynasty did the cave paintings of Ajanta andEllora bloom?

Answer:- Rashtrakuta


213 .From which place did Babur enter India for the first time from thewest?

Answer:- Sindh


214 .Who constructed the Konark Temple of Odisha?

Answer:- Narsingh DevVarman


215 .Who issued for the first time a coin called rupee?

Answer:- ShershahSuri


216 .Where did Shershah die?

Answer:- in Kalinjar


217 .The rock-cut temples and caves of Ellora depict themesfrom:

Answer:- Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism


218 .Who was the author of Geet Govind?

Answer:- Jaidev


219 .In the memory of which victorious campaign of Akbar was the BulandDarwaza built?

Answer:- Gujarat


220 .Who was the Mughal Emperor to re-introduce the Jajiatax?

Answer:- Aurangzeb

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