( Best 700+ )Medieval History One liner Question And Answer

by Mr. DJ

540 .The gold coins of Gupta period were called

Answer:- Dinar


541 .What was the name of the court poet of PrithvirajChauhan?

Answer:- Chandbardai


542 .Who was the famous Jain scholar revered by Akbar theGreat?

Answer:- Hari Vijay


543 .The Chola ruler who was known as ‘Gangaikonda’ was:

Answer:- RajendraChola


544 .The Prime Minister in Shivaji’s Ashta Pradhan was called:

Answer:- Peshwa


545 .The different styles of which art is reflected by such schools as PahariSchool, Rajput School, Mughal School, and KangraSchool?

Answer:- Painting


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