( Best 700+ )Medieval History One liner Question And Answer

by Mr. DJ

221 .In which work on architecture do we get description of boatconstruction?

Answer:- Samrangansutradhar


222 .Who was the successor of Shivaji?

Answer:- Shambhaji


223 .By whom was the kingdom of Bahmani established?

Answer:- AlauddinHasan


224 .Where is the tomb of Akbar situated?

Answer:- Sikandara


225 .Name that first ruler who established the supremacy of Indian army in theArabian Sea:

Answer:- Rajaraja I


226 .Where in India is the Bibi-ka-Makabara located?

Answer:- Aurangabad


227 .The fundamental reason behind the exposition of Din-e-Ilahiwas:

Answer:- Universal brotherhood


228 .Who was the Chola ruler killed by an opponent crowd?

Answer:- Adhirajendra


229 .Which was the capital of Awadh before Lucknow?

Answer:- Faizabad


230 .Which document of Gupta period gives description about the sale ofland?

Answer:- Damodarpur Copper Plate


231 .Who was that army commander sent by the Sultan of Bijapur in 1659 tocrush Shivaji?

Answer:- Afzal Khan


232 .Who founded the city of Agra?

Answer:- Sikandar Lodi


233 .The Badami Inscription of Pulakesin I is dated in the Saka year of 465. Ifit has to be dated in the Vikram Era, the corresponding year willbe:

Answer:- 601


234 .Who was the first Delhi Sultan to maintain a standingarmy?

Answer:- Alauddin Khalji


235 .Who was defeated by Babur in the first Battle of Panipat in1526?

Answer:- Ibrahim Lodi


236 .In 712 A.D. the first Indian city conquered by the Arabswas:

Answer:- Dewal


237 .Who brought two Asokan inscriptions from Meerut and Topara toDelhi?

Answer:- Feroz Shah Tughluq


238 .Which monument was built by Akbar?

Answer:- Buland Darwaza


239 .To which class did most of the Amirs and Sultans of the Sultanate periodbelong?

Answer:- Turkish


240 .Which dynasty got the Mahabalipuram temple carved out ofrocks?

Answer:- Pallava dynasty

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