( Best 700+ )Medieval History One liner Question And Answer

by Mr. DJ

301 .Where is the Victory Tower (Vijay Stambh) located?

Answer:- Chittorgarh


302 .To which god/goddess are most of the Chola templesdedicated?

Answer:- Shiva


303 .The Mansabdari system was especially introduced in the medieval Indiabecause:

Answer:- Neat and clear administration could be enforced


304 .Who built the Konark Temple?

Answer:- Eastern Ganga dynasty


305 .At which place did Aurangzeb die?

Answer:- Aurangabad


306 .Which ruler established the famous Vikramashila University as a centreof Buddhist learning?

Answer:- Dharmapala


307 .The bone of contention between the Shah of Persia and the Mughals wasthe control of

Answer:- Kandhar


308 .During the reign of which Delhi Sultan, did Changez Khan attack Indianborders in the pursuit of Jalaluddin?

Answer:- Iltutmish


309 .The foreign traveller who came to India during the period of VijayanagarEmpire was:

Answer:- Nicolo Conti


310 .During the period of which Mughal emperor was the Upanishadtranslated into Persian?

Answer:- Shahjahan


311 .Which fort was considered as the ‘key to Deccan’?

Answer:- Asirgarh


312 .Alam Khan was one of those who had invited Babur to invade India. Hewas:

Answer:- relative of Ibrahim Lodi and one of the contenders for thethrone of Delhi.


313 .Nizamuddin Aulia refused to meet which Sultan of Delhi?

Answer:- Ghiyas-uddin Tughlaq


314 .Who was the lone among the courtiers of Akbar to have adopted Din-eIlahi?

Answer:- Birbal


315 .Where is the tomb of Shahjahan located?

Answer:- Agra


316 .By whom were the Marathas defeated in the Third Battle ofPanipat?

Answer:- Afghan


317 .Which city was the capital of the Chola rulers?

Answer:- Tanjore



318 .Where was the capital of Shivaji situated?

Answer:- Raigarh


319 .Din-e-Ilahi was a religion founded by

Answer:- Akbar


320 .Who was the first Indian ruler to establish the supremacy of Indian navyin the Arabian Sea?

Answer:- Rajaraja I

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