( Best 700+ )Medieval History One liner Question And Answer

by Mr. DJ

Medieval History One liner Question And Answer

21 .Who was the first ruler of Delhi Sultanate who established direct contactwith cultivators (for determining the exact amount paid by them in formof land revenue)?

Answer:- Alauddin Khalji


22 .Who introduced the Mansabdari system ?

Answer:- Akbar


23 .Who has given a vivid description of the postal system during the DelhiSultanate?

Answer:- Ibn Batuta


24 .Who was the Muslim invader who destroyed the NalandaUniversity?

Answer:- Muhammad-bin-Bakhtiyar


25 .Who was the Mughal Emperor who condemned the Satisystem?

Answer:- Akbar


26 .Which slave of Mohammad Ghori registered victories over Bengal andBihar?

Answer:- Bakhtiyar Khalji


27 .Despite the existence of favourable conditions, the Delhi Sultans couldnot expand their empire in India. The main reason behind this failurewas:

Answer:- Fear of Mongol invasion


28 .The Sufi Saint who was associated with the Mughal EmperorAkbar

Answer:- Sheikh Salim Chisti


29 .After the death of Rajaram in 1700, the Marathas continued their fightagainst the Mughals under the leadership of his brave wife______.

Answer:- Tarabai


30 .Which language was known as ‘camp language’ during the medievalperiod?

Answer:- Urdu

31 .Who began the Mansabdari system in the Mughal administrative setup?

Answer:- Akbar


32 .Where is the Meenakshi Temple situated?

Answer:- Madurai


33 .During whose reign in Vijayanagar did Nuniz, the Portuguese traveller,come?

Answer:- Achyuta Rai


34 .With which sect was Chaitanya Mahaprabhu associated?

Answer:- Vaishnav


35 .What was the first capital of the Ganga dynasty?

Answer:- Kolar


36 .Who built the Jamat Khana Mosque?

Answer:- Alauddin Khalji


37 .Who were the eight luminaries (Asht Diggaj) in the court of KrishnadevaRaya?

Answer:- Eight Great Ministers in his court


38 .One of the most controversial projects of Muhammad-bin-Tughlaqwas

Answer:- introduction of token currency



39 .To whom was Krishnadeva Raya contemporary?

Answer:- Babur


40 .Which ruler assumed opposite side of ‘Umadan-al-Niswa’ oncoins?

Answer:- Razia

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