( Best 700+ )Medieval History One liner Question And Answer

by Mr. DJ

501 .Among the Bahmani rulers, who built the famous Gol Gumbaz atBijapur?

Answer:- Muhammad Adil Shah


502 .Who was the greatest Bhakti saint from Maharashtra?

Answer:- Tukaram


503 .Which grandiose epithet was assumed by Balban for consolidating hispower?

Answer:- Jille-Illahi


504 .The period of rule of Mughal Emperor Jahandar Shah came to apremature end because:

Answer:- he was relinquished from the throne by hisWazir


505 .Which was the first ruling dynasty of the kingdom ofVijayanagar?

Answer:- Sangam dynasty


506 .Who built the exquisite temples in Halebid?

Answer:- Hoysala dynasty


507 .The founder of the Delhi Sultanate was

Answer:- Qutubbudin Aibak


508 .When was Guru Nanak born?

Answer:- 1469


509 .The two kingdoms of the south which were assimilated by Aurangzebwere:

Answer:- Bijapur and Golconda


510 .Where is Gol Gumbaz situated?

Answer:- Bijapur


511 .Who was the founder of Abhira dynasty?

Answer:- Ishwara Sena


512 .Who was the first among the Chola rulers to conquer SriLanka?

Answer:- Rajaraja I


513 .Who began the system of making payments to the soldiers through landgrants during the Sultanate period?

Answer:- Firoz Shah Tughlaq


514 .With whom did King Krishnadeva of Vijayanagar fight the Battle ofGolconda?

Answer:- Quli Qutb Shah


515 .Which famous ruler completed the Qutub-Minar?

Answer:- Feroz ShahTughlaq


516 .In which Mughal building was the world famous Peacock Thronekept?

Answer:- In the Diwan-e-Khas of the Red Fort of Delhi


517 .In which year did Shivaji die?

Answer:- 1680


518 .Where is the Angor Vat Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu,situated?

Answer:- Cambodia


519 .Tughlaq dynasty occupied Delhi throne after decline of

Answer:- Khiljidynasty


520 .What was ‘zarib’ during the Sultanate period?

Answer:- a system ofmeasuring land

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