( Best 700+ )Medieval History One liner Question And Answer

by Mr. DJ

361 .During which period were the highest number of gold coinsissued?

Answer:- Gupta period


362 .The correct chronological order of the periods of Chaitanya, Ramanuja,Madhav, Shankara, etc, is:

Answer:- Shankar-Ramanuja-MadhavChaitanya


363 .With whom did Al Beruni come to India?

Answer:- Mahmud Ghazni


364 .Which Mughal Emperor was credited to have composed Hindisongs?

Answer:- Shahjahan


365 .The correct chronological order of invasions on India is:

Answer:- ChangezKhan, Taimur, Nadir Shah, and Ahmad Shah Abdali


366 .Which region was not the point of contention between the rulers ofVijayanagar and Bahamani Sultans?

Answer:- Marathawadaregion


367 .Which ruler established the Hindushahi kingdom inGolconda?

Answer:- Kakatiya


368 .The famous Battle of Takkolam in South India was foughtbetween:

Answer:- Chola and Rashtrakuta dynasties


369 .In which cave is the statue showing the countenance of Trimurti (Brahma,Vishnu, and Mahesh) located?

Answer:- Elephanta


370 .Among the Sultans of Delhi, who has been described as a ‘Mixture ofContradictions’ by historians?

Answer:- Muhammad-binTughlaq


371 .Who aided the construction of Khajuraho temples?

Answer:- ChandellaRulers


372 .The battle which established the Muslim rule in India was:

Answer:- SecondBattle of Tarain


373 .Which of the following monuments, such as the Sun Temple of Konark,temples of Khajuraho and architectural marvels of Angor Vat and NotreDame de Paris, was not built in the 12th century A.D.?

Answer:- Sun temple of Konark



374 .Who was that Delhi Sultan who wanted to start a new religion, but had toface opposition from the Ulemas?

Answer:- Alauddin Khalji



375 .When was Shivaji declared as the king?

Answer:- 1664


376 .Who were associated with the rock-cut temple ofElephanta?

Answer:- Rashtrakuta


377 .Among Tripitaka, Dakhma, Khankah and Synagogue, which one isrelated to Sufi saints?

Answer:- Khankah


378 .In which field did Raja Todarmal attain fame?

Answer:- Land revenue


379 .Which foreign scholar visited and studied the NalandaUniversity?

Answer:- Hiuen Tsang


380 .Who was the spiritual teacher of Shivaji?

Answer:- Ramadas

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