( Best 700+ )Medieval History One liner Question And Answer

by Mr. DJ

281 .Which of the languages were promoted by the rulers ofVijayanagar?

Answer:- Telugu, Urdu and Sanskrit


282 .Who gave the order for the transfer of capital from Delhi toDaulatabad?

Answer:- Sultan Muhammad-bin-Tughluq


283 .Who was the first Indian ruler to defeat MohammadGhori?

Answer:- Bhima II


284 .A foreign traveller came to India during the Mughal period and left adescription about the Peacock Throne in his capacity as a specialist. Hewas:

Answer:- Tavernier


285 .Who built the Ibadatkhana?

Answer:- Akbar


286 .‘Madad-e-Mash’ in the Mughal administration connoted:

Answer:- Revenuefree land grants given to scholars


287 .Who established the philosophical school of Pushtimarg?



288 .What was ‘Chauth’?

Answer:- A road tax levied by Shivaji


289 .What was the main reason behind the market reforms of AlauddinKhalji?

Answer:- Increase in military power and control overintermediaries


290 .‘Pratapshil,’ ‘Hun-Hiran-Kesari,’ ‘Maharajadhiraj’ were the epithetsof:

Answer:- Prabhakarvardhana


291 .Which Rashtrakuta ruler built the renowned Kailas Shiva temple atEllora?

Answer:- Krishna I


292 .Who established the Bahmani kingdom?

Answer:- Alauddin Hasan


293 .Who wrote the biography of Akbar?

Answer:- Abul Fazl


294 .Which traveller is not associated with the description of splendor ofVijayanagar Empire?

Answer:- Ibn Batuta


295 .In which city did Shahjahan build the Pearl Mosque (MotiMasjid)?

Answer:- Agra


296 .In which field was Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq proficient?



297 .The Mansabdari system that was introduced in India by Akbar had beenborrowed from:

Answer:- Mongolia


298 .On the 13th April of which year did Guru Govind Singh lay thefoundation of Khalsa Panth?

Answer:- 1699


299 .How did Sultan Qutb-ud-din die?

Answer:- He had a fatalaccident while playing chaugan (polo); he fell from his horse anddied.


300 .The last battle of Dara against Aurangzeb was:

Answer:- Battles of Khwajaand Deorai

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