( Best 700+ )Medieval History One liner Question And Answer

by Mr. DJ

261 .During which battle were cannon used by one of the warringsides?

Answer:- First Battle of Panipat


262 .Hiuen Tsang and Fa Hien saw the kingdoms of:

Answer:- Harshavardhana and Chandragupta Vikramaditya respectively


263 .When was Somnath invaded?

Answer:- 1025


264 .With whose defeat did the Hindu dynasty of Vijayanagar come to anend?

Answer:- Rama Rai


265 .The correct chronological order of the dynasties of Delhi Sultanateis:

Answer:- Slave, Khalji, Tughlaq and Lodi


266 .Who was the Mughal Emperor who died after falling from thestaircase?

Answer:- Humayun


267 .“When he attained kingship, he was fully free from the commands andrules of Shariat.” For whom did Baruni use thesewords?

Answer:- Alauddin Khalji


268 .Which battle turned the fortunes of a Mughal emperor inIndia?

Answer:- Battle of Chausa


269 .In India, such words as ‘Jehad’ and ‘Butsikan’ are associated first withthe name of:

Answer:- Mahmud Ghaznavi


270 .Which Delhi Sultan, for the first time, set up administrative system forthe Sultanate?

Answer:- Shamsuddin Iltutmish


271 .Which ruler is also known by the epithet of ‘Andhra Bhoj’?

Answer:- Krishnadeva Raya


272 .The Mughal Emperors who wrote their own autobiographies,are

Answer:- Babur and Jahangir


273 .The saint who saw the reign of seven Sultans and the poet who witnessedthe rule of eight Sultans were respectively:

Answer:- Nizamuddin Aulia andAmir Khusro


274 .What was the original name of Tansen, the famous musician at the courtof Akbar?

Answer:- Ramtanu Pandey


275 .Who had completed the Shalimarbagh of Lahore?

Answer:- Shahjahan


276 .Who established the Chisti Sufi order in India?

Answer:- Khwaja Muinuddin


277 .The last ruler of Ghazni dynasty in Lahore was:

Answer:- Khusro Malik


278 .Who was the most famous among the Nine Jewels at the court ofChandragupta Vikramaditya?

Answer:- Kalidas


279 .Who said: ‘Indian music not only enchants humans, but alsoanimals’?

Answer:- Amir Khusro


280 .Where is the Jahangir Fort situated?

Answer:- Agra Fort

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