( Best 700+ )Medieval History One liner Question And Answer

by Mr. DJ

61 .With which period of Indian history were two greatest artists Beetpaland Dhiman-associated?

Answer:- Pala Age


62 .The word ‘Iqta’ is defined in a book, titled ‘Siyasatnama.’ Who is theauthor of this book?

Answer:- Nizam-ul-Mulk


63 .What does ‘Pir’ mean in Sufi tradition?

Answer:- Guru of the Sufis

64 .What did ‘Padikavalkuli’ mean in the Chola administration?

Answer:- Aregular tax paid for the upkeep and maintenance of ponds


65 .Who built the Grand Trunk Road?

Answer:- Shershah Suri


66 .What was the function an official called Amalguzar in the period ofAkbar’s rule?

Answer:- Assessment and collection of land revenue


67 .Guru Govind Singh was the ____ Guru of the Sikhs. :

Answer:- 10th and lastGuru


68 .The Marathas were defeated in the Battle of Panipatbecause:

Answer:- The Maratha forces sufferedfrom inadequate food supplies


69 .Which Chinese general defeated Kanishka?

Answer:- Pen Chao


70 .Rajaraja I defeated the Chera and Pandya dynasties and Sri Lanka. Theeconomic motive behind these conquests was:

Answer:- to control trade withthe South-east Asian countries and keep the sea routes towardsChina open.


71 .Who started the issuing of silver coins?

Answer:- Shershah


72 .Who established the Chisti order in India?

Answer:- Sheikh MuinuddinChisti


73 .Which Sikh Gurus were awarded death sentence by the then Mughalemperors?

Answer:- Guru Arjun Dev and Guru Teg Bahadur


74 .The Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty was established by

Answer:- Nagabhatta



75 .Who is that foreign writer to have left an extensive description of theVijayanagar Empire?

Answer:- Fernao Nuniz


76 .Which Bhakti saint was the first to use Hindi for the propagation of hismessage?

Answer:- Ramananda


77 .On the northern bank of which river is Hampi located?

Answer:- Tungabhadra



78 .Who among the commanders of Alauddin Khalji became later the firstruler of the Tughlaq dynasty?

Answer:- Ghazi Malik


79 .When the East India Company was formed, the Mughal emperor in Indiawas

Answer:- Akbar


80 .After emerging victorious in which battle did Sher Shah lay thefoundation of Afghan rule in Delhi?

Answer:- Battle of Bilgram

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