( Best 700+ )Medieval History One liner Question And Answer

by Mr. DJ

441 .Where is the Bibi-ka-Maqbara situated?

Answer:- Aurangabad


442 .What was the type of Gupta administrative system?

Answer:- Monarchical


443 .Who composed ‘Bhavarth Dipika,’ or ‘Jnaneshwari’?

Answer:- SaintJnaneshwar


444 .The foreign traveller who visited India during the reign of Shahjahan andwas a physician by profession was:

Answer:- Tavernier


445 .Who was the first Delhi Sultan to have appointed ‘Amir-eSada’?

Answer:- Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq


446 .After which of his conquests, did Rana Kumbha of Mewar established theVictory Tower?

Answer:- Malwa


447 .The capital of Bahmani rulers was:

Answer:- Gulbarga


448 .Which, among the forts of Sindhudurg, Raigarh, Amer and Padmadurg,did not belong to Maratha ruler Shivaji?

Answer:- Amer


449 .Who was the architect to have designed the Taj Mahal?

Answer:- Ustad Isa


450 .Krishnadeva ray was a contemporary of:

Answer:- Babur


451 .Who was the Mughal Emperor who became the captive of the British atfirst and then spent his life as a pensioner of theMarathas?

Answer:- Shah Alam II


452 .In which Purana has Shudras been described as ‘Annada’ (giver ofgrains)?

Answer:- Skanda Purana


453 .The extent of the Chola kingdom was spread in:

Answer:- Coromandal Coast, some parts of Deccan


454 .Where is the ‘Bada Imambara’ situated?

Answer:- Lucknow


455 .Who discovered sea route to India via the Cape of GoodHope?

Answer:- Vasco da Gama


456 .Who built the Kandriya Mahadev Temple of Khajuraho?

Answer:- Chandellas


457 .Which of the Delhi Sultans agreed to come under the subordination ofTimurid ruler Mirza Shahrukh?

Answer:- Khizr Khan Sayyid

458 .The rebirth of Bhakti system in India took place in:

Answer:- 15th and 16thcenturies A.D.


459 .The temples of Khajuraho are related to:

Answer:- Hinduism and Jainism


460 .Where is the mausoleum of Shershah Suri situated?

Answer:- Sasaram

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