( Best 700+ )Medieval History One liner Question And Answer

by Mr. DJ

121 .Who was the ruler of Bengal at the time of Rajendra Chola’s Bengalexpedition?

Answer:- Devapala


122 .In which year did Muhammad-bin-Qasim conquer Sindh?

Answer:- 712 A.D.


123 .The Qutb Minar, as we see today, was rebuilt in its present formby:

Answer:- Feroz Shah Tughlaq


124 .What is the height of the Qutb Minar?

Answer:- 288 feet


125 .With which dynasty were the Ikshavakus primarilyrelated?

Answer:- The Satavahanas


126 .During which period was the ruler not considered as owner of the land,but he received taxes from land?

Answer:- Rajput period


127 .In the ancient peninsular India, who assumed the epithet of‘Vatapikonda’?

Answer:- Narasimhavarman


128 .The names of Mughal Emperors are represented in a special order. Whichis the correct chronological sequence?

Answer:- Humayun, Jahangir,Shahjahan, Bahadur Shah


129 .Rana Pratap Singh of Mewar was defeated by the Mughal army in thebattle of

Answer:- Haldighati



130 .In which language did Krishnadeva Raya author his famous work, titled‘Amukt Malyad’?

Answer:- Telugu


131 .Who was the head of army during the Mughal period?

Answer:- MirBakshi


132 .The Sikh army was known as:



133 .Which Rashtrakuta ruler established the Victory Tower and a temple inRaameshwaram?

Answer:- Krishna III


134 .Who was the Peshwa of the Marathas during the Third Battle ofPanipat?

Answer:- Balaji Bajirao


135 .Which historian was appointed by Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq as the Qaziof Delhi?

Answer:- Ibn Batuta


136 .The silver coins issued by the Gupta rulers were known as:

Answer:- Roopak


137 .Who was eulogized by Harisena in the AllahabadInscription?

Answer:- Samudragupta


138 .Which dynasty was the most disturbed due to Huninvasions?

Answer:- Gupta


139 .During whose reign did the Moorish traveller Ibn Batuta come toIndia?

Answer:- Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq


140 .The Bhakti saint regarded by his followers as an incarnation of Vishnu,was

Answer:- Chaitanya

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