( Best 700+ )Medieval History One liner Question And Answer

by Mr. DJ

161 .Who was the ambassador of British ruler James I to have visited the courtof Jahangir ?

Answer:- William Hawkins


162 .In which year did the coronation of Shivaji take place?

Answer:- 1674


163 .Who established the Vikramashila University?

Answer:- Dharmapala


164 .The first Battle of Panipat was fought between:

Answer:- Babur andIbrahim Lodi


165 .Which Sikh Guru claimed himself to be a ‘SachchaBadshah’?

Answer:- Guru Hargovind


166 .Who was defeated by Prithvi Raj Chauhan in the first battle of Tarain?

Answer:- Muhammad Ghori


167 .During the Chola period, who looked after gardenadministration?

Answer:- Paan-Variyam


168 .The author of Ain-e-Akbari is:

Answer:- Abul Fazl


169 .Who is considered as the second founder of the MarathaEmpire?

Answer:- Bajirao I


170 .The place where the world’s largest dome, ‘Gol Gumbad,’ is locatedis:

Answer:- Bijapur


171 .By which Indo-Greek ruler was Heliodorus, the Greek ambassador ofBesanagar Inscription, sent?

Answer:- Antialkidas


172 .During whose rule did the Mongols under Changez Khan invadeIndia?

Answer:- Iltutmish


173 .Who was the Chola ruler to brought the Ganges from north tosouth?

Answer:- Rajendra Chola


174 .Upon which ruler was the epithet of ‘Lal Baksh’ bestowed?

Answer:- Qutb-uddin Aibak


175 .Apart from being a distinguished musician and Sufi saint, Amir Khusrowas a:

Answer:- Historian, and scholar of Hindi and Persian


176 .Where was the capital of Yadav rulers located?

Answer:- Devagiri


177 .What was the main source of income of the state during the MughalIndia?

Answer:- Land revenue


178 .‘Adevmatrik’ land was such land which was cultivated by:

Answer:- artificialmeans of irrigation


179 .The layout of a monument constructed by Akbar resembles that of aBuddhist vihara. That monument is:

Answer:- Panch Mahal

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