( Best 700+ )Medieval History One liner Question And Answer

by Mr. DJ

421 .Nurjahan’s real name was:

Answer:- Mehr-un-Nisaa


422 .At which place can the remains of grandeur of Vijayanagar and historicalimportance of its architecture be seen today?

Answer:- Hampi


423 .For the welfare of whom did Alauddin Khalji implement the price controlpolicy?

Answer:- Soldiers


424 .At which place is the famous rock-cut Kailas Templelocated?

Answer:- Ellora


425 .Who started a new religion, called ‘Din-e-Ilahi’?

Answer:- Akbar


426 .Which Indian dynasty established Mahabalipuram?

Answer:- Pallavadynasty


427 .Who has authored the famous work, titled ‘Prithvi RajRaso’?

Answer:- Chand Bardai

428 .The main subjects of Mughal painting were:

Answer:- Scenes of battle,animals and birds, natural scenes and depiction of the court


429 .Which Delhi Sultan, at first adopted the title of Hazrat-i-ala and then of‘Sultan’?

Answer:- Bahlul Lodi


430 .Who established the four Mathas in Srinegri, Badrinath, Dwarka andPuri?

Answer:- Adi Shankaracharya


431 .Which is that tomb better known as the second Taj Mahal?

Answer:- Mausoleum of Rabia-ud-Daurani


432 .During whose rule did maximum Mongol invasions takeplace?

Answer:- Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq


433 .Who fought the Battle of Dharamat?

Answer:- Aurangzeb and DaraShikoh


434 .Which Sikh Guru had helped the rebel prince Khusro with wealth andgrace?

Answer:- Guru Arjun Dev


435 .Who was known as the Peshwa under the administration ofShivaji?

Answer:- Prime Minister


436 .The reasons behind the popularity of Akbar were:

Answer:- Religiouspolicy, social reforms, land revenue and Mansabdari system


437 .In which year did Hijrat Era begin?

Answer:- 622 A.D.


438 .Which ruler of the Delhi Sultanate himself encouraged bribery inadministration?

Answer:- Firoz Tughlaq


439 .Which Sultan settled a city where Agra stands today?

Answer:- SikandarLodi


440 .During the rule of which Pallava king were the Ratha Temples inMahabalipuram built?

Answer:- Narasimhavarman I

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