( Best 700+ )Medieval History One liner Question And Answer

by Mr. DJ

481 .The Chola rulers administered in:

Answer:- Tamil Nadu


482 .The South Indian state which was famous for its naval powerwas:

Answer:- Chola


483 .During whose rule did Temur invade India?

Answer:- Nasiruddin Mahmud


484 .The shape of god in the bronze statues of Nataraj belonging to the Cholaperiod are:

Answer:- octagonal


485 .Who started the Bhakti movement?

Answer:- Alvar saints


486 .In which language was Chachnama originally written?

Answer:- Arabic


487 .Where is the Keshava Temple (Hoysala Monument)located?

Answer:- Karnataka


488 .Which historical monument of Delhi is an example of Indian and Persianstyles of architecture?

Answer:- Humanyun’s tomb


489 .Where was saint Ramanuja, the expounder of Vishisht Advaita,born?

Answer:- Sriperumbdur


490 .Who painted the ‘Dastan-e-Hamza’?

Answer:- Abdus Samad


491 .When did Sikhism come into being?

Answer:- 1500

492 .Who is regarded as the second Alexander ?

Answer:- Ala-ud-din Khilji


493 .One important term of the Treaty of Purandhar (1665) was

Answer:- Shivaji wasexpected to assist the Mughalgenerals in the Bijapur expedition

494 .Who established Sultangarhi (Delhi)?

Answer:- Iltutmish


495 .Where was the capital of the Pandyan kingdom situated?

Answer:- Madurai


496 .During whose rule did the Mongols invade India under ChengizKhan?

Answer:- Iltutmish


497 .Which of the powers did not enter into conflict on account of theTungabhadra Doab?

Answer:- Sultans of Golconda and Ahmadnagar


498 .Who among the Muslim scholars had good knowledge ofSanskrit?

Answer:- Al-Beruni


499 .The medieval city of Vijayanagar is today known as:

Answer:- Hampi


500 .A ruler had provided Diwani rights to the East India Company. Hewas:

Answer:- Shah Alam II

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