( Best 700+ )Medieval History One liner Question And Answer

by Mr. DJ

141 .The court language of the Mughals was:

Answer:- Persian


142 .What is the indicator of Shershah’s greatness?

Answer:- Administrative Reforms


143 .During whose rule did the Maratha power reach its supreme height andrespect?

Answer:- Bajirao I



144 .Jaidev was the court poet of:

Answer:- Lakshman Sena


145 .Under whose reign did Mughal painting reach its zenith?

Answer:- Jahangir


146 .Which Delhi Sultan set up an Employment Bureau, Charity Departmentand a proper hospital?

Answer:- Feroz Shah Tughlaq


147 .With which royal dynasty is the Devgarh templeassociated?

Answer:- Gupta dynasty


148 .In whose memory was the city of Jaunpur established?

Answer:- Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq


149 .Who said, “Ws should strike at the trunk of this worn-off tree, thebranches will fall themselves,”

Answer:- Bajirao I (Peshwa) on theMughal Empire


150 .The subject matter of ‘Mrichchakatikam,’ the ancient text authored byShudraka, was:

Answer:- The love affair between a rich merchant anddaughter of a mathematician


151 .The Seven Pagodas of Mahabalipuram are the evidences of art patronagegiven by the:

Answer:- Pallavas


152 .What was the Mughal ‘Jagir’ in the technical sense of theword?

Answer:- Cash payment assigned to a Mansabdar


153 .Who conquered Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia?

Answer:- Chola


154 .The correct chronological order of the trading centres established by theBritish in Surat, madras, Calcutta and Bombay is:

Answer:- Surat,Madras, Bombay and Calcutta


155 .Who established the Hindushahi dynasty of Punjab?

Answer:- Mahipala


156 .Under the terms of which accord did Shivaji transfer his forts to theMughals?

Answer:- Treaty of Purandhar


157 .In which district is the historical site of Hampi located?

Answer:- Bellary


158 .Amir Khusro was the court poet of:

Answer:- Alauddin Khalji


159 .Which monument has got that dome which is ranked among the largestdomes of the world?

Answer:- Gold Gumbaz, Bijapur


160 .Who was the founder of the Second Afghan Empire inIndia?

Answer:- Shershah Suri

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